“Hookup” Culture Discovers Love by Heating Things Up in the Kitchen


In the New York Times article, “End of Courtship?” by Alex Williams, the romantic lives of twenty-somethings are painted as pretty bleak. The writer describes a “hookup” culture where an evening of boxed mac n’ cheese, text messages, and group hangouts replace the traditional date, sweaty palms and all.

Well, I invite this generation to try something different. Put down the cell phone and gather your friends for a group hangout that starts with cooking up a home cooked dinner. Pick a food all of you would enjoy sitting down to eat and, more importantly, make together. Maybe “Momma Mel’s Best Lasagna”?

Choose a recipe with many steps and ingredients to guarantee everyone is entertained and kept busy. Your next step is to choose team captains to head groups of 1-3 friends to direct, prep, assemble, and cook your meal. The work will be fun and seem like a breeze for any assembly line of friends. Slicing, dicing and measuring out the ingredients will spark conversation and intimacy that you would have never experienced wasted on the couch.

For the vegetarians in the group, you could even make an extra lasagna that switches out the meat and sausage stuffing with sautéed veggies like spinach and chopped broccoli. Feel free to also add frozen tofu balls and cook them in the sauce instead of meat. Personally, I prefer the meat over the tofu.

I guarantee you will enjoy one another’s company and laugh throughout the process. Try even talking without texting. Well, at least after you tweet @Tastosterone a pic of your lasagna creation. Don’t be so obsessed about sharing the moment, and instead enjoy it.

If you try cooking together or for special friends once in a while, you’ll soon discover each other’s different styles, skills, and characteristics, and instead of hooking up for a night, you might hookup and share amazing memories that will prove beneficial for years.

Who knows? If you’re looking for Mr. Right, he may just be the shy one you never took seriously, but once he shows-off his cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen he’ll command your attention. And, for those men looking for Mrs. Right now’s the time to get cooking to impress the ladies with your TASTOSTERONE mojo.

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