TASTOSTERONE – n [taste-os-tuh-rohn] the male cooking hormone that plays a key role in the development of a man’s independence and ego.

Tastosterone is that sexy swagger and air of confidence a man possesses when cooking up a meal in the kitchen.

Celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay, Michael Symon, Curtis Stone and Mario Batali all exude beaucoup du TASTOSTERONE. They move across the kitchen with a confidence that is both sexually and intellectually attractive. Cooking can transform the shy, less assured guy into a worldly, self-confident cook.

TASTOSTERONE: THE BEST COOKBOOK FOR MEN offers men of all ages more than 100 simple recipes, tools, techniques and tips for cooking up delicious dishes. As long as a meal gets from the pot to the plate, everyone is happy. And, most importantly, a man with Tastosterone will find independence, health, sex, nostalgia, and love through cooking.

Debra Levy Picard wrote TASTOSTERONE to speak to men of all ages – the son, husband, father, single guy, college kid, retiree, divorcé and widower. Whether age five or ninety-five, every man has a story and every man needs to eat.


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