Mr. Mom

Your wife is the breadwinner of the family, traveling often and commuting long hours. You are the domestic dad. You volunteer at your kids’ school, watch or coach games, help with homework, and wash and fold the laundry. Don’t forget, with such a busy, working wife, you will also have to cook the meals. What! Cook? Okay, Mister Mom, you can do this: pizza delivery on Monday, Chinese take-out on Tuesday, fast food burgers on Wednesday, frozen something on Thursday, etc. and repeat. Stop here!

Soon, you’ll find out that fast food doesn’t work and these quick food fixes result in a house full of cranky, tired children who trudge around begging for home cooked, delicious meals. Okay, so they might not plead with you to bust out the healthy meals or snacks because most kids love the junk, but you owe it to your kids to set an example of healthy eating habits. You’ve taught them how to throw a ball and study for a test, and now it’s time to teach them how to make and enjoy a nutritious meal. TASTOSTERONE and healthy eating habits can be passed down, so let’s work on tomorrow today.

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