The Boyfriend

Every woman has worn her boyfriend’s shirt or jacket at one time or another. Borrowing and sporting his clothing are tangible reminders of your love for one another. Just like that piece of clothing, I hope women also enjoy borrowing my cookbook because I have found that there are some girlfriends out there in need of a little TASTOSTERONE. So feel free to sneak a peek, borrow and try a few of his recipes on for size. Whether you surprise him with “Grandma Barbara’s Burgers” or “The Good Stuff,” I guarantee you’ll be as comfortable cooking these recipes as you are wearing his cozy flannel shirt.

Women, like men, sometimes need a little assistance in the kitchen. Ten or more years ago it was rare for a woman not to cook. Today’s research shows women age 30 and under are taking on other roles and cooking is placed on the back burner to work and play.

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