The College Student

Parents try to provide their sons with all the essentials when sending them off to college – money, books, bedding, and clothing. Why not a cookbook or two? A college freshman usually lives in dormitory housing where cafeteria food is less than desirable. However, there is no reason that this young man can’t stock a small fridge in his room with a few culinary ingredients and have a school-approved hot plate. Arm your student with a little TASTOSTERONE and he will enjoy a satisfying collegiate career.

College is the beginning of a young man’s adult life and knowing the basic skills of cooking will give him an advantage in school, at work and in home life. For example, your college student may find his knowledge of cooking makes it easier to secure a better paying job at a local restaurant or hotel. One added benefit of working in the food industry is the likely guarantee of free food. Let’s not forget that cooking may also result in healthier eating habits, keeping off the freshman fifteen!

Providing young men with the skills, confidence and recipes to succeed in the kitchen are important lessons. Now, if I could just figure out how to help them make it through hazing and midterm exams! I am confident recipes like my “Bolognese” or “Swiss Mac and Cheese” will save the day.

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