The Divorcé

Remember the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” in which actor Robin Williams disguised himself as a nanny to gain more time with his children? After “Mrs. Doubtfire” attempted to prepare a dinner and burned it, he ordered an expensive meal from a restaurant and pretended to make it himself to impress his ex-wife and children. However, by the end of the film, he was able to prepare simple delicious meals and also had a sense of pride and confidence in himself that made him a “different” man.

When a man goes through a divorce he may need to develop skills that he has never used or may be a bit rusty on, and no, I’m not referring to dating. It takes a special TASTOSTERONE guy to cook for himself and his children. It’s easy for a divorced man to treat himself to fancy dinners, expensive takeout, and prepared foods. Men find these foods appealing because they are loaded with salt, fat, and preservatives. But does the divorced man really care about what he’s placing in his mouth? Well, if you do, start taking control of your life by controlling what you eat. The enjoyment of great food is a definite side effect of gaining some TASTOSTERONE, but so is a certain confident swagger.

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