The Manny

Most of us are familiar with the role of a nanny thanks to the increased mainstream needs of today’s full-time working parents. Mary Poppins, the most popular nanny of them all, not only disciplined children, but also taught them life lessons along the way. In recent years, the “manny” has become increasingly popular thanks to a rise in young men seeking alternate career choices. This new profession is teaching the important life lesson that the role of caregiver can be designated to either a male or female, changing the face of childcare forever.

The manny does just about everything from cleaning and schoolwork to playing sports. So why is he neglecting the cooking? If this manny can read and has the desire to eat then he can cook. A colleague of mine hired a manny years ago before it was Hollywood chic. This manny was great with his young boys; he had lots of energy and was always playing sports and horsing around with them till they were utterly exhausted. The manny is an asset to any family, especially one with active boys. However, we are all spoiled and everyone wants the entire package. He was amazing with the kids, but he didn’t cook a lick and soon this active family became ravenous and tired of take-out. The manny must flex some TASTOSTERONE cooking muscles or his family will soon hunger for more.

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