The Married Man

How do you inspire a man who’s been married for years and happily enjoys being on the receiving end of every meal to step foot in the kitchen? I may have my work cut out for me with the married man, but I’m confident that although set in his ways, all he requires is some motivation and a few incentives to get cooking in the kitchen.

During dinner with friends one night we were discussing the topic. One of the guys asked, “What would be in it for the husband if he cooked dinner?” I responded, “You’re hungry, right? Well, you get a great dinner and, of course, you get brownie points that most wives happily redeem.” My friend asked, “Do these points have blackout dates like airline rewards?” I laughed and responded, “Maybe, but I guarantee the points earned from cooking adds miles to any marriage.” That night we all ended the evening with a toast to racking up the frequent flyer brownie points and to long, happy marriages.

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