The Newlywed

After the happy couple has been toasted and the honeymoon is over, naturally they will begin dividing up the household chores. It may go something like this: he takes out the garbage and makes the morning coffee; she prepares his favorite foods and folds the laundry. Before setting up patterns that will most likely define roles in life, consider sharing the cooking. Define cooking as a skill, not a chore, by making time in the kitchen an important part of your shared daily routine initiated at the start of your marriage.

Come to think of it, wedding vows and prenuptials should include a mutual commitment to cook! Sharing the role of cook may prove more beneficial than you think. In addition to diving into a delicious meal each night, you will both enjoy conversation and a few laughs along the way. Both are important ingredients to a happy and healthy marriage. Start while you’re newlyweds and there will be many stories and memories of culinary successes and failures for years to come.

To get started in the kitchen, plan a few easy meals you both crave or which remind you of your honeymoon, a dish eaten on your first date, or even the mouthwatering appetizer you enjoyed out on the town the night before. TASTOSTERONE will give you both the skills and confidence to master the art of cooking.

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