The Retired Man

So you’ve worked for the past hundred years (at least if feels that way) and now you’re ready to retire.  There’s no clock to punch, no boss to answer to (except maybe your wife) and employees are a thing of the past. You may decide to spend your golden years enjoying the warm sun and sand of Florida, traveling to foreign places, or watching your grandchildren grow up. Whatever the plan, I’m certain food is going to be part of it.

My parents opted to move to Florida where they enjoy playing golf and bridge, attending concerts and socializing with friends. Yes, they are very busy and love the retired years. My dad’s transitional life from full-time boss of his own business to full-time retiree was quite an adjustment. Newly retired married couples assume new roles and it may take time and patience for them to blend as a couple again. Luckily, my parents found that balance and I believe they are deeper in love now than ever (if that’s even possible).

So what does this retired couple’s love story have to do with TASTOSTERONE? By spending much more time together, meals have become an important part of their daily routine with more planning and time socializing. My dad is finding that gone are the days of the working lunch and sandwiches on- the-go. Retired men are spending more time with their wives, engaging in conversation, and sharing household duties. With that said, I see a little (or a lot) of TASTOSTERONE in a retired man’s future.

Several years ago, my parents’  long-time friends Jerry and Eva invited our family to their home for dinner the evening before Thanksgiving. The night’s preparations were a team effort with both of them setting the table and preparing delicious salmon, salads, fresh asparagus, roast chicken, and more. However, the pièce de résistance that evening was what Jerry called his “famous chicken chili.” Other common adjectives men use to describe their culinary creations are “world famous” and “the one-and-only. “Jerry proudly served his chili with that TASTOSTERONE swagger in his “special” bowls accompanied by freshly grated cheese and some chopped onion. He awaited the accolades as we all ate.

Their meal was delicious. This retired dynamic duo served up an outstanding healthy meal in the comfort of their very own kitchen. The best part was that there were no waiters to interrupt our great conversation or background noise to make it difficult to hear each other. For most people over 65 hearing loss comes with the territory and repeating a conversation about ten times over the course of a meal can get old.

Both Jerry and my father found TASTOSTERONE in their retirement years. Their love of food, family, and home inspired them to drum up the confidence and courage to cook. My dad also now enjoys shopping at the supermarket, something he had never done before on his own. He loves hunting for the next treasure, an ingredient that my mother would have never discovered in a million years. And, most importantly, thanks to his newfound culinary independence, he never waits on mom to prepare a meal. He makes his own breakfast and cooks up a mean lunch.

Since I began writing this book several years ago, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing dozens of heart-warming retirement stories from friends and family. The one that touched me the most was about a man in his 90’s who had been baking his entire life. As a child, he used to help his mom in the kitchen and would rush through his homework so he would have time in the evening to bake with her and enjoy those special times together. “Baking,” he said, “Keeps my mind sharp, reminds me of my childhood and now gives me great memories and recipes to pass down to my grandchild.” I think it’s important for a retired man to pick up a new hobby or rekindle a long lost one.

A man’s role may change throughout his life, but no matter what life dishes out, cooking will always nurture and feed his soul. With a healthy dose of gentle reassurance and humor, TASTOSTERONE helps men to heal, celebrate and laugh by way of cooking

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