The Single Guy

Spending most of his time working and socializing with friends, the single man eats on the go and is on a first name basis with the guy behind the deli counter or pizza joint. He pretty much avoids cooking all together, opting instead for a quick preservative-packed meal. This man is in desperate need of a home cooked meal. The single man may try to control every part of his life from the way his car is cleaned to the hours he puts in at the gym, so why does he leave cooking up to a stranger or the microwave?

TASTOSTERONE: The Best Cookbook for Men can come in handy for this man by building his confidence, saving him money, energizing him with healthy food, impressing the ladies, and ending his unhealthy friendship with the local delivery guy.

Inspired by the single guy’s lack of time and patience, I wrote “Take Stock: Foods and Spices You Need,” a chapter that makes a trip to the supermarket less intimidating and time-consuming. The single man should also note that women love a man who cooks and all is forgiven when he makes any one of the recipes in my chapter, “Dinner Darling.” There is nothing sexier than a TASTOSTERONE man in the kitchen and a recipe like my “Swiss Fondue” takes no time at all to make, but he’ll be enjoying the benefits from his simple culinary creation for weeks.

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