The Teenager

The adolescent’s need to be independent drives a teenager, as well as frustrates parents. What better way to positively embrace a frustrated teen’s insecurities than to build his confidence and independence through cooking? Due to hectic schedules, teens often find themselves heading out for fast food to satisfy their hunger. The athlete who runs five plus miles or plays two hours of football a day is famished long before dinner is served. Let’s teach this teen to cook and prepare simple dishes that will satisfy his hunger.

Today’s Mrs. Cleaver isn’t at home waiting for her sons with a plate of warm cookies and milk. That scene is as much a thing of the past as Dad getting slippers and a pipe when he arrives home from work. Most parents work long hours and children should be taught to make themselves healthy, satisfying meals and snacks. Teenagers should be provided with the basic culinary skills needed to prepare a fast and filling meal or snack. While contending with growth spurts, academics, and recreational sports, a teenager requires fresh, healthy food to become a successful and happy individual. Simple snacks include recipes like my quick Great Guacamole and chips, or a sandwich from my chapter “Bag It”, where he can learn to make a Panini sandwich with last night’s leftover steak and some Parmesan cheese.

Remember to keep your kitchen stocked with a variety of foods so your teenager can assemble and prepare a meal or snack any time of the day. You never know, one day your TASTOSTERONE chef may even surprise you with dinner on the table.

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