The Young Boy

The time is now to create memories, promote healthy eating habits, and instill some TASTOSTERONE in your young boy. Many moms and dads prop their little girl on the counter and hand her a spoon so she can help mix the batter, scramble the eggs, and knead the dough.

Why not do the same for your boys?

Boys deserve equal time in the kitchen and if you familiarize them with helping when they’re young, they will develop a life-long passion for cooking. Your little chefs will also learn about math and teamwork by helping to set the table, serve food, clean the dishes, take measurements, and tell time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so start by having your son assist in the kitchen, then move on to simple no-fail recipes like my “You’re in a Scramble” or grilled ham and cheese.

If you build a boy’s confidence and pride, his culinary knowledge will grow with time. This boy will become a man soon enough so enjoy your priceless moments together getting messy, eating, and laughing in the kitchen. Who knows? Your little chef may just become the next Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay or Michael Symon.


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