Tips for Preparing a Sexy Valentine’s Day Meal at Home


If the fellas of “Mad Men” were as skilled in the kitchen as they were in the office, you would see a meal fit for a king out on the table every night. Back in those days men considered themselves to be the masters of their domain, yet you wouldn’t hear of them setting foot in the kitchen. These days, men are proving to really be the head of the household by owning every part of it, including the kitchen.  And a man who is truly the master of the house knows his way around a delicious meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. So guys, this Valentine’s Day will you show your sweetheart that you are the master of your domain?

You’ll be able to own the kitchen this holiday with the help of TASTOSTERONE: The Best Cookbook for Men. Whether your plans are sweet or sexy, we’ll give you the tools, tips and techniques to hit an ace in the kitchen and really impress your Valentine.

Our first suggestion is to skip the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries this year. The reason? It’s too predictable, unoriginal and you can do better than that! Trust me, if you go out of your way to be creative, it will be noticed and you will be rewarded. Don’t get scared though – it doesn’t take much to be creative. Even the simplest dishes can win the heart of your Valentine.

Start the night off right with a creative, yet easy-to-prepare appetizer sure to please. Some prosciutto-wrapped melon displayed nicely on a platter is the perfect way to impress your date. Follow that with fondue and cured meats served on the side. For dessert, share a decadent chocolate cake, which you can purchase at the bakery or make yourself, topped with fresh berries and homemade whipped cream.

Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned veteran, TASTOSTERONE walks you through each recipe so that your Valentine’s Day meal is guaranteed to turn out amazing. Although presentation isn’t something to be too concerned about, it doesn’t hurt to put a little effort into it, as it will make your dish more appetizing and impress your date.  The key to winning her over this year is creativity and originality. Step outside your comfort zone and own the kitchen.

Guys, remember that food always tastes better when the person you love makes it for you!

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More Men Cooking During the Holidays

More Men Cooking During the Holidays

It looks like this Thanksgiving more women will be spending time on the couch watching the Macy’s Parade and not in the kitchen preparing the big feast. According to Today, a growing number of men will be cooking the turkey and preparing the meal. Butterball Turkey Talk-Line director Mary Clingman says that 84 percent of men are involved in the meal and 42 percent are involved with the actual turkey. Rather than roasting the turkey in the oven, it seems as though more men are going to be putting their own take on the traditional Thanksgiving bird by grilling or deep-frying. There is nothing sexier than a man who is confident enough to get creative and try something different, rather than stick to the classic way of cooking the meal!

In the article, T-Man Carlos Faxas, a 31-year-old e-commerce manager for United Airlines in Illinois, talks about his experience with cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. Carlos has been tackling the turkey every year since he was in high school. He brines and roasts, but one year decided to experiment with deep-frying. He mentions that he uses a meat thermometer that links to his iPhone so he can keep an eye on his turkey without having to be in the kitchen. He may be talking about the iGrill®, an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth® meat thermometer, which we list as a gift idea in our Father’s Day post.  The app will alert you on your smart device when your food is cooked to perfection.

More Men Cooking During the HolidaysMaybe these T-Men are taking inspiration from some of the top male chefs who also show confidence and creativity while they heat things up in the kitchen, such as Rocco DiSpirito and Chef Michael Anthony. I spent some time with these talented chefs at the NYC Wine & Food Festival in October (photo left: Debbie with Marc Forgione at the event) and had the chance to enjoy some of their culinary creations. Guys, if you’re still feeling brave after Thanksgiving, maybe you can take on Chef Michael Anthony’s delicious and inventive compressed apple and smoked tomato dish (photo below: Debbie’s favorite dish from the event)!

More Men Cooking During the HolidaysLadies, while your man is taking care of the turkey, whip up some classic side dishes, such as sweet potato casserole or mashed potatoes. Or if you’re feeling creative and untraditional like your T-Man, give these classics a modern makeover. For instance, rather than sweet potato casserole, make sweet potato gratin. Try Chef Robert Irvine’s Home Sweet Potato Home Au Gratin recipe.

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for confident and creative men who aren’t afraid to take this holiday meal to the next level. We would love to hear what you’ve cooked up for Thanksgiving. Leave us a comment or share your meal with us on the Tastosterone Facebook page!

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Sexy Ingredients That Satisfy

Sexy Ingredients That Satisfy

As I always say, there is nothing sexier than a man who knows his way around a kitchen. We know the key to a woman’s heart is to wake her up with breakfast in bed, but how about something sweet to satisfy both of you? Surprise your sweetie with some flowers and a delightful dessert and you will surely have a special night. I suggest incorporating what I like to call “sexy ingredients” into your recipe to spice things up.

The “sexy ingredients” I’m referring to are known as aphrodisiacs, which are substances such as foods and scents that increase desire. Although scientific evidence is still in question if aphrodisiacs really work, many people believe they do. It’s thought that certain foods can affect your hormones, brain chemistry and energy and stress levels. These foods are arousing because they have psychoactive properties, others are psychologically suggestive, and some can actually increase your blood flow.

Try incorporating these “sexy ingredients” into your desserts for a romantic night:


This fruit is considered to be an aphrodisiac not only because of its shape, but because it is rich in potassium and B vitamins, which are said to be necessary for hormone production. Dip some bananas in chocolate and you’ve got a quick, simple and sexy dessert.


There’s a reason why chocolate is such a popular gift for Valentine’s Day! Cocoa contains phenylethylamine, a chemical related to amphetamines and raises blood pressure and blood glucose levels. The result is feeling more alert and getting a sense of well-being and contentment.


Pomegranate juice is rich in antioxidants and promotes blood circulation. It is thought to be a powerful natural aphrodisiac able to increase testosterone levels.


Cinnamon heats up your body and, in turn, ignites passion. Cinnamon also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help normalize blood sugar. Try sprinkling cinnamon on ice cream or baking cinnamon buns. The smell of cinnamon buns is actually considered to be one of the best aphrodisiacs for men.

Vanilla beans

Consuming vanilla increases catecholamine levels, including adrenaline, a neurotransmitter and fight-or-flight hormone that is elevated during excitement. Vanilla bean ice cream is a great dessert idea and it’s very simple. Pair it with my apple crisp topping and you’ve got yourself the perfect dessert.

My Apple Crisp Ice Cream Topping recipe takes no time at all to prepare, it’s just a few sugary sweet ingredients, heated slightly. I prefer to use Granny Smith apples in the topping, but any fruit will do. Choose what’s in season and you won’t go wrong.

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